The Chord AI project was born after Nomad AI founders met Guillaume Bellec at the ICLR conference in Vancouver, in April 2018. Our goal was to build the first iOS app for recognizing music chords in real-time using the device microphone. The iOS app has been released in August 2019, and is able to successfully recognize major and minor chords with high accuracy. Since then, Chord AI developers is working on extending the number of recognized chords as well as various music information retrieval tasks. An Android version of Chord AI will be available in January 2019.

Available on the App Store

Chord AI development

Chord AI was developed in collaboration with Guillaume Bellec, AI researcher at the Technical University of Graz.

We also would like to thank some people which have contributed to the development of Chord AI:

  • Roland Seguy who has helped us making proper data for training our machine learning
  • All the beta testers for providing us with very valuable feedbacks

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